Face Shield

Material: PETG

Infill: 20%

Print Duration: ~3.5 Hours

Layer Height: 0.28mm

Wall Layers: 2

Weight: ~35g

1 / 2
2 / 2



  • Face_Shield_AndroMEDa.stl

Materials (per face shield):

  • 40g of PLA Plastic.
  • Any glue that can bind both PLA and PET.
  • An elastic band.
  • An adequately large PET sheet.
  • (OPTIONAL) Sandpaper.


  1. Print the face shield as instructed in the Printing Section.
  2. Cut the PET visor as instructed in the Cutting Section.
  3. Assemble as instructed in the Assembly Section.


  • The prototype prints were printed on a Creality CR-20 Pro with PLA plastic. Setting changes may be required to print on any other 3D printer.
  • Settings:
    • 20% Infill
    • 0.4mm nozzle
    • 0.28mm Layer Height
    • 2 Wall Layers
    • 4 Top / Bottom Layers
    • Supports are required due to the presence of the attachment hooks at the back of the face shield.


  • The visor is a 354mm by 200mm rectangular sheet of 1.5mm thick PET sheet .
  • It can be Dxf cut however it is not necessary. It can be cut by any means as long as it has the correct dimensions.
  • The STL file is to be printed with the groove for the PET sheet facing up.
  • It is recommended to sand off the edges of the visor which will not be encompassed in plastic to remove the sharp edges.
  • NOTES: 
    • It is not 100% necessary for the PET to be exactly 354mm wide. However, it cannot be any wider as it will not fit in the groove of the 3D printed part.
    • The PET sheet may have to be shortened depending on the length of the wearer’s neck.


  1. Apply glue to the groove on the plastic part and insert the PET visor.
  2. Wait for the glue to cure completely.
  3. Apply the elastic band to the attachment hooks.
  • NOTE: It may be required to use a longer or more elastic band if the face shield is too tight.

Covering Production Costs:

These files are licensed under the CC-BY-NC licence which is not commercial. However, you are permitted to cover your production costs if you so choose, although we recommend providing them for free.