Material: TPU

Infill: 5%

Print Duration: ~6 Hours

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Wall Layers: 2

Weight: ~30g

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2 / 3
3 / 3



  • Goggles_AndroMEDa_C-Mount_v1.stl: The goggles 3D model with a C-Mount
  • Goggles_AndroMEDa_Hook_v1.stl: The goggles 3D model with a Hook mount
  • Goggles_AndroMEDa_Glasses_v1.dxf: DXF file for the PET sheet cutout
  • Goggles_AndroMEDa_Cutout_x6_A4_v1.pdf: PDF file with 1:1 scale paper PET sheet template cutouts

Materials (per goggle):

  • 25 grams of TPU Plastic 
  • Any glue that can bind both TPU and PET.
  • 1 Rubber band or any other elastic band with appropriate length and stiffness to ensure a proper seal between mask and face.
  • An adequately large PET sheet.


  1. Print the face shield as instructed in the Printing Section.
  2. Cut the PET visor as instructed in the Cutting Section.
  3. Assemble as instructed in the Assembly Section.


  • The prototype prints were printed on a CR-20 Pro with TPU plastic. Setting changes may be required to print on any other 3D printer.
  • The STL file is to be printed with the side where the PET is mounted facing down.
  • If the goggles do not match the profile of your face try printing the design on a slightly higher or lower scale
  • Settings:
    • 5% infill
    • 0.4mm nozzle diameter
    • 0.2mm layer height
    • 2 wall layers


  • The goggles have been designed with a visor as per the shape defined in the DXF or PDF file.
  • To ensure flexibility the PET pieces must have a gap between them (about 4mm).
  • NOTE: It is not a problem if the PET sheet does not fall directly on top of the outer profile of the goggles as long as the existence of a gap is ensured.


  1. Glue the visors to the 3D printed part using appropriate glue.
  2. Wait for the glue to cure completely.
  3. Attach the elastic band to the attachment points (C-mount or Hook).

Covering Production Costs:

These files are licensed under the CC-BY-NC licence which is not commercial. However, you are permitted to cover your production costs if you so choose, although we recommend providing them for free.