Update #01: 25/03/2020

Hello dear supporters of our project,

This is our first development status update post. My name is Giorgos Tsakonas, Website Administrator and Blogger of team AndroMEDa. I develop this beautiful (I hope) website you are reading this post at.

Since this is the first post, I will start by telling you how this project came to be.

The idea struck Christos’ head, our team leader, after looking for ways he can assist in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. He and his friend Dennis had plenty of previous experience in 3D Design due to their involvement in the Cansat In Greece competition, where they had to design a small can-sized satellite, and therefore knew how to design simple medical equipment.

The project started last Saturday, on March 21st 2020. He quickly made a Facebook group chat and a Discord server where he gathered Dennis, and also plenty other of his friends that he knew they would assist this project in various ways. In this point it’s important to note that despite most of us living in the same city we decided to cooperate solely via internet, since staying home is one of the best ways to slow the spread rate of the disease.

After hours of discussion, we came across the various issues to be addressed. The first one was contacting hospitals and finding out their needs in equipment, a process we are currently under.

Afterwards, there was research to be done about designing medical equipment, and the design and printing of the first prototypes Those were the first results:

First face shield.
First goggles.

After expirementing a bit with PLA, we figured out that FLEX filament would be a more ideal material for the goggles in order for them to better fit on the face, and we are currently making prototypes out of it.

Lastly there was the issue of outreach, and as well as finding out a place to share our project’s files. For those reasons we setted up a facebook page, as well as the website you are currently at.

This is all for now. We are very passionate about this project, and our aim is to provide the greatest amount of help possible.

Thanks for reading,

~Giorgos Tsakonas, Website Administrator & Blogger of AndroMEDa

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