Update #02: 01/04/2020

Hello dear supporters of our project,

Welcome to our second status update post. Quite a few things have happened in the days that passed, mainly in our outreach department.

We got our first official supporter, GRobotronics. They donated a good amount of TPU to us, a material we use to produce prototypes of our goggles, and we thank them a lot for that.

We are also in talks with plenty of local organizations and authorities, and it seems very likely we will soon see our designs in use. We are glad to see that this project will actually help people in need.

The website is now complete with the addition of a Contact Us page that makes it possible for each of you to communicate with our team members. We also got the finalized version of our logo:

The new logo.

It’s 3D Printed counterpart!

Our Facebook page also launched recently, gathering almost 100 likes in such a few days, something that was beyond our expectations.

We are currently working on new models, as well as improving the current ones. The project seems to be going great and we are glad there is such a public interest in it. Stay tuned for next week’s update post!

Thanks for reading,

~Giorgos Tsakonas, Website Administrator & Blogger of AndroMEDa Design

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